About Us
Ismaeel Books is a UK-based Publisher and Online Bookstore specializing in books of the Islāmic Sciences. 

Although we are based in the United Kingdom we currently ship internationally to customers all over the world.

Our customers can buy Islamic books on a wide variety of subjects including Tafsīr, Ḥadīth, ʿAqīdah, and Arabic. We stock many different texts of the Ḥanafī fiqh and are soon to expand our sections on Mālikī, Shāfiʿī and Ḥanbalī fiqh. You will (in-shāʾ Allah) be pleased to find books from a number of different publishers from different countries including Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the UK. We also fulfill customer requests for certain books we may not stock. To enquire, you can email Ismaeel Books for more information with details of the book you would like to order.