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Contemporary Fiqh Paperback

This book is a selection of detailed Fiqhi (juridical) articles on contemporary legal issues. These detailed articles provide an in depth and elaborative response to some of the queries posted to us in our Fatawa department over the last decade. The topics discussed range between purity, domestic issues, Halāl and Harām, Islamic medical ethics, marital issues, rituals and so forth. Many of the juristic cases are unprecedented as a result of the ongoing societal changes and newly arising issues.

There are in total a collection of twenty-five Fiqhi articles in this book and soon hope to add more articles in the near future when publishing the second volume. Those articles pertaining to medical ethics have been contributed by Maulāna Dr Rafāqat Rashid whilst the others either by Mufti Abdul Waheed and Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islām. All the articles have been thoroughly checked and endorsed by Mufti Sāhib himself.

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